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Polysaccharide Vitreous Particle Preparation

Polysaccharide Vitreous Particle Preparation

The vitreous body containing vaccine or antibody can be prepared into slow-release microspheres by S/O/W or S/O/O multiemulsion method. Microspheres with a particle size of 500nm-10,000 nm can induce cellular immunity or cellular and humoral immunity, and microspheres with a particle size of 20 µm-120 µm can play a role in the immunotherapy and prevention of controlled release vaccine, mainly humoral immunity. Polysaccharide phase can not only protect vaccine or antibody during preparation, but also improve its release kinetics. CD Formulation will be used for the preparation of polysaccharide vitreous particles.

Polysaccharide Vitreous Particle Preparation Technology

By providing a method of using polysaccharide vitreous body to protect vaccine and antibody activity. Sustained-release microspheres are prepared to maintain the concentration of antigens in the blood, thus stimulating plasma cells to secrete antibodies for a long time and inducing humoral immunity. Polysaccharides dispersed granules can be used in slow-release microsphere formulations of the therapeutic agents they support. In slow-release microspheres, the polysaccharide particles loaded with the therapeutic agent are in the matrix of degradable macromolecular microspheres; By the method of forming colostrum (S/O) in degradable polymer solution by polysaccharide particles, and then dispersing in water phase to form emulsion oil-in-water solid-oil (S/O/W), or forming colostrum (S/O) and dispersing polysaccharide glassy particles in oil-soluble degradable polymer solution, An oil-in-oil solid (S/O/O) which is then dispersed in another oil phase to form the emulsion.

Service Details for Polysaccharide Vitreous Particle Preparation

CD Formulation was used for the preparation of polysaccharide vitreous particles. To make the prepared particles smooth and smooth surface, good uniformity, particle rules non-adhesion, completely organic solvent-free, without adding any crosslinking agents, polymerization initiators and surfactants. Especially polyelectrolyte surfactants, in order to avoid the influence of these functions on the treatment.

Polysaccharide vitreous particle preparation procedure

Freeze drying of polysaccharide solution containing vaccine or antibody or aqueous phase emulsion;

The resulting freeze-dried powder is washed in organic solution of soluble polyethylene glycol, the polyethylene glycol is removed, and the vaccine or antibody containing -polysaccharide vitreous particles are obtained.

Specification for polysaccharide vitreous particle preparation

  • Polysaccharide dispersed phase granules

Contains buffers, salts and small molecules of sugar.

  • Loadable vaccine

Hepatitis A vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, hepatitis C vaccine, avian influenza vaccine, hepatitis E vaccine, AIDS vaccine, anthrax vaccine, tumor vaccine, SARS vaccine, influenza vaccine, schistosomiasis vaccine, live virus vaccines include measles vaccine, polio vaccine, plague vaccine, BCG vaccine, Immune adjuvants such as cytokines, TAP, inorganic salts and CpG can also be added to enhance immunity.

  • Stowable antibodies

Are anti-angiogenic antibodies, viral antibodies, tumor antibodies, and cytokine antibodies or anti-cytokine antibodies.

What matters needs attention

The amount of polysaccharide can be used to regulate the release rate and pattern of vaccines or antibodies. When the amount of polysaccharide increased, the release rate increased, the problem of incomplete release was improved, but the possibility of sudden release increased. Reducing the amount of polysaccharide has the opposite effect. Careful selection of the amount of polysaccharide combined with the molecular weight of the degradable polymer and the hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties can achieve both control of sudden release and avoid incomplete release.

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