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Microspheres Mass Production Services

Mass Production Services

CD Formulation provides microsphere small batch production services, scaling up the gradient from laboratory pilot to small batch production. Small batch production reactors are stand-alone units, combined and matched with high flexibility to meet the process validation and small scale production and sales requirements for different scale-ups of microspheres.

How to Mass-produce Microspheres

Small batch production services

For the production of microspheres, CD Formulation can provide small batch production from laboratory trial to scale-up. The services we provide can be used to validate the process conditions of the small trial, to figure out the scaling-up effect and adjust the process parameters, to provide guidance on equipment selection and operation specification for subsequent scaling-up production, which can be applied to the development of successful new products, etc. Our advantage is to help companies to register and declare, produce a certain amount of products and quickly occupy the market. At the same time, the investment in equipment used for small-scale production is small, effectively reducing the risk of pre-project investment.

Design of amplification gradient

The amount of laboratory small-scale production can complete all relevant experimental procedures. Small-scale production is used for laboratory process investigation and research, and the amplification gradient is 10~50 times is appropriate. We have a production line that can scale up the gradient 10~30 times for small production capacity. Small batch production supporting engineering with removable supporting facilities and quick-open interface. Its advantages are flexible combination and high applicability. It is used to examine the reaction mechanism and amplification effect mainly, but also used to produce and sell the microsphere products with kg level and high value.

Microsphere dispensing

CD Formulation can dispense microspheres into different containers. Our equipment does not require an external gas source, has a fine adjustment function to fine tune the suction size, and the dispensing speed varies depending on human operation. The roundness and precision of the microspheres obtained by our preparation and dispensing process can meet the customer's requirements in all aspects. Automated dispensing equipment can also be customized upon request. Since many customers' microsphere projects are currently in the development stage, automated microsphere dispensers are more costly and require a larger number of samples to start up, so we provide services developed for R&D and small batch production, which can avoid the destruction of sample microspheres at a much lower cost and greatly save development costs.

Product types for small batch production

The types of microsphere products we can provide include polymer microspheres, parathyroid hormone microspheres, calcitonin microspheres, insulin microspheres, etc. In addition to small batch production of these microspheres, we can also provide you with custom production of other types of microspheres in small batches.

The Advantages of Industrialization Mass-produce Microspheres

Since the formulation production process is more complex, its production scale scaling may have an impact on process parameters, product quality, etc. Therefore, it is required that the batch size of key clinical study samples should be consistent with the commercial production batch size. CD Formulation regards the industrialization of microsphere products as the main development goal, and the larger the production scale, the more mature the process technology. We offer microsphere products at production scale that can be scaled up linearly.

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Please note: Our products and services are not intended to be used directly in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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