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Insulin Microneedle Patch Preparation

Insulin Microneedle Patch Preparation

Insulin must be administered in precise doses, too high is life threatening, too low increases glycated hemoglobin and causes complications. Thus microneedle patches that can release insulin in response to glucose concentration are favored. Glucose-responsive insulin-releasing devices require a combination of the following features.

  1. Rapid glucose response behavior in vivo, similar to the pharmacokinetics of pancreatic beta cells;
  2. Sufficient insulin loading for daily use;
  3. Miniaturization and/or simplicity of design for easy administration;
  4. Feasibility of large-scale manufacturing;
  5. High biocompatibility and absence of acute and long-term toxicity.

Detailed Process of Insulin Microneedle Patch Preparation Services

Add an appropriate amount of polyvinyl alcohol powder to a certain amount of deionized water while stirring in a water bath heated environment. Take a certain amount of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and dextran powder, mix them evenly, add them to a certain amount of deionized water, let them stand at room temperature, wait for complete swelling and dissolution, clarify the solution evenly, and place them in the refrigerator to keep. Weigh a certain amount of polyvinyl alcohol solution and polymethylcellulose sodium-dextran solution according to the proportion of insulin microneedle formula, and mix well. The uniformly mixed and bubble-free phase-converted hydrogel microneedle layer solution was poured into a height-adjustable glass plate recess. Another glass plate is covered on top of it, and the thickness and uniformity of the drug-loaded layer are controlled by adjusting the thickness of the adhesive tape at the corners of the glass plate, and then the four sides of the glass plate are clamped with a long tail clip. When the freeze-thaw process is completed, the phase-converted hydrogel microneedle layer film is removed and placed on a custom-made stainless steel-Teflon drying mold, and the layer film is placed into the desiccator together with the stainless steel drying mold. The dried microneedle drug-carrying layer was cut into small pieces and the thickness of the dry sheet was measured.

Insulin Microneedle Patch Testing and Optimization Services

Determination of diffusion coefficient of insulin in microneedle

Insulin was weighed and added into phosphate buffer solution to prepare insulin-containing phosphate buffer solution. Several dried microneedle-loaded layer slices were taken and placed in the phosphate buffer solution to fully dissolve. After several minutes, the drug-loaded layer was removed, and its thickness was precisely measured and recorded. Then the microneedle-loaded layer was fixed in the middle of the horizontal diffusion cell, and the diffusion test device was placed in a constant temperature shaker environment. After the test starts, the device is removed at certain intervals, and the solution in the receiving cell is taken and the insulin content is determined using high performance liquid chromatography.

Optimal regulation of insulin microneedles

CD Formulation can customize the prescription optimization of insulin microneedles containing lysergic insulin with human-derived insulin, but also try longer-acting glargine insulin, or mix it with multiple insulins. In addition to the insulin type, other solid ingredients in the microneedles can be optimized, such as reducing the content of sodium carboxymethylcellulose to make the insulin release channel narrower and slowing down the microneedle release process so that the release is close to zero level.

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