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Long-lasting Controlled-release Microspheres Technology

Long-lasting controlled-release microspheres technology is a safe and efficient drug release system. Depending on the drug properties and its delivery requirements, the drug can be distributed in microspheres in either homogeneous or fractional phases, effectively controlling fluctuations in the concentration of the drug in the bloodstream. This technology can be designed for extended release formulations from weeks to months, depending on the need. This technology can be used to achieve therapeutic goals while increasing the bioavailability of the drug, thereby reducing the dosage, frequency of administration, and toxicity. As a global leader in long-acting extended-release drugs, CD Formulation can support all phases of long-acting injectable development, and our technology and manufacturing capabilities are dedicated to solving the complex challenges of the pharmaceutical formulation industry.

Preparation of the long-lasting controlled-release microsphere steps.Fig.1 Preparation of the long-lasting controlled-release microsphere steps. (M et al., 2023)

About Long-Acting Sustained-Release Microsphere Technology

Long-acting extended release microspheres are degradable polymers that form particles tens of microns in diameter in which the drug is encapsulated and dispersed by diffusion and degradation of the polymer. This particle size is chosen to facilitate injection without entering the circulation from the injection site. Biodegradable polymers have been widely and successfully used as backbone materials for microsphere delivery systems for peptides and proteins, mainly starch, gelatin, dextran, albumin, polylactic acid (PLA), poly(lactic acid-glycolic acid) copolymer (PLGA), poly(o-ethylene), poly(lactide) and poly(anhydride), etc. PLGA microspheres are the ideal carrier for sustained release injectables, which can achieve sustained release for days to months. PLGA microspheres are also one of the best means for secondary development of peptide drugs. Several products have already been marketed, including exenatide microspheres, octreotide microspheres, pareotide microspheres, leupeptin microspheres and treprostin microspheres, and the market effect of these products has been no less than that of new molecular entities.

Technology Services

Based on the latest advances in polymer and manufacturing technologies, injectable drug products can be formulated at will to achieve targeted bioavailability in a shorter development time with robust and cost-effective manufacturing, resulting in significant improvements in therapeutic efficacy for the target disease. CD Formulation offers a full range of technical services, including support for formulation development, product analytical testing and clinical supply manufacturing. CD Formulation offers a full range of technical services including support for formulation development, product analysis and testing and clinical supply manufacturing.

In addition, we have a wide range of technologies for preparing microspheres and can develop pathways for customers to manufacture highly precise sized microspheres. By moving from small-scale laboratory preparation to intermediate level production, creating opportunities for more rapid development, CD Formulation is exploring the best method formulations to optimize bioavailability. All analytical testing capabilities can be done in-house by our team, allowing for rapid turnaround of results and close interaction between formulation and analytical teams. Our slow release microsphere technology offers tailored release profiles to meet the specific needs of your project.

If you would like to learn more about our technology or would like our technical service support, please feel free to contact us and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


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