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In-situ Gel Sustained Release Technology

As a new drug dosage form, in situ gel is widely used in new drug delivery systems such as extended release, controlled release and pulsed release. In situ gel can be applied in various routes of drug delivery such as subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, skin, eye, nasal and oral cavity. Based on the existing technology, experimental equipment and other factors, CD Formulation can provide technical support and product solutions for drug sustained release to help customers to rapidly develop and accelerate the commercialization of drugs.

Constructing sustained-release buprenorphine using in-situ forming lipid-liquid crystal gels.Fig.1 Constructing sustained-release buprenorphine using in-situ forming lipid-liquid crystal gels. (Khodaverdi et al., 2023).

Why In-situ Gel Sustained Release Technology

In situ gels are a class of drug reservoirs that are administered in a relatively low viscosity liquid state and then rapidly transform their physical form to form a semi-solid gel at the site of administration. In situ gels have good histocompatibility and long retention time at the drug delivery site, and can also serve to store drugs and protect them from environmental influences. Depending on the formation mechanism, in situ gels can be classified as temperature-sensitive, pH-sensitive and ion-sensitive. The mechanisms of in situ gelation can be broadly classified into two categories, namely: physical changes, such as precipitation of polymers in non-aqueous solvents after injection, and chemical changes, such as cross-linking of prepolymers after injection.

Advantages of In-situ Gel Sustained Release Technology

  1. Physical or chemical response to changes in the contact environment, adjusting the physicochemical properties of the formulation and the state of the drug in the body according to the magnitude of the response value, in order to adapt to the timely and effective treatment of the condition.
  2. Dissolve or evenly disperse the drug in environmentally sensitive polymer materials to make a gel, which can be in close contact with the site of action for a longer period of time, has better bioadhesion, and can improve the absorption of the drug from the contact site, avoiding the first-pass effect and improving the bioavailability of the drug.
  3. It has a highly hydrophilic three-dimensional mesh structure, in which the drug or drug-excipient primary formulation is bound in it or its interstices, which can control the release of the drug and stabilize the drug or drug-excipient primary formulation.
  4. With special physicochemical properties, such as sol-gel transition process, in vitro conditions, with a certain degree of fluidity, easy to fill, easy to industrial production.
  5. The range of drugs suitable for in situ gelation is very wide, in situ gel can be used for local action drugs, systemic action drugs, hydrophilic drugs, hydrophobic drugs, acidic drugs, cationic drugs, macromolecules, cellular tissues, etc.

Services of In-situ Gel Sustained Release Technology

CD Formulation's in situ gel slow release technology service can prolong the residence time of drugs in the body and release them continuously, reducing systemic absorption through local action, which can increase bioavailability and improve therapeutic effects. As new technologies and biodegradable materials continue to evolve, more and more in situ gel products can be developed.

If you would like to learn more about our technology, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Khodaverdi, E., et al. (2023). In-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of sustained-release buprenorphine using in-situ forming lipid-liquid crystal gels. Life Sciences, 314, 121324.
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