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Polymeric Microspheres Preparation

Microspheres are defined as spherical microscopic particles with sizes ranging from 1µm to 1,000 µm. Polymeric microspheres can be used for controlled and sustained release of active substances such as chemical drugs or therapeutic peptides. CD Formulation has specialized polymeric microsphere process technology that achieves programmable homogeneous particle size, improved encapsulation of water-soluble drugs, and reduced handling procedures that can achieve controlled or sustained release of drugs.

Schematic illustration of the fabrication process of the polymeric microspheres.Fig. 1 Schematic illustration of the fabrication process of the polymeric microspheres. (Li et al., 2017)

Preparation Technology of Polymer Microspheres

The preparation of polymer microspheres enables programmable uniform particle size, 90% encapsulation of water-soluble components, minimized release of prominent smooth surfaces, and reduced number of unit steps and ease of operation. The production process of polymer microspheres consists of three unit operations: 1) Generation of microspheres; 2) Quality control of microspheres; 3) Post-processing of microspheres. The first unit operation consists of four basic functions: to generate embryonic microspheres by forcing microspheres to generate material through perforated membranes; Promote embryo microspheres to shed from perforated membrane; Solidified embryo microspheres; Collect and output solidified microspheres. Quality control unit operations include investigation results and expulsion of excessive microspheres. The post-processing unit operation includes two basic functions: to give the microspheres a smooth surface and to reduce the residue of organic solvents in the microsphere matrix.

Custom Polymer Microspheres Preparation Services

CD Formulation has an experienced team of experts, specializing in the development and production of high-precision, high-performance, high-value-added microspheres and micrones, including slow-release and polymer microspheres. We are good at microsphere surface functionalization modification, ligand and substrate coupling process, with small batch production capacity. We have a number of laboratories, research institutions and corporate customers. The company's products are diverse, stable, safe, reliable and easy to use, which can meet the needs of different scenarios from laboratory research, process development and large-scale production.

Preparation services for polymer microspheres include the following.

Design and preparation of microspheres (including size control, acquisition and output)

On-line inspection

Polymers can be inspected online to remove non-conforming products.

Continuous production

Continuous production of polymer microspheres was possible with the researchers of CD Formulation, and the phases of addition and emission of microspheres could be carried out simultaneously.

In addition to the preparation of the above-mentioned polymer microspheres, the company also provides surface modification services for polymer microspheres, such as sulfonic acid, amination, chlorination and tartaric acid grafting. At present, there are many methods for surface treatment of microspheres, but the purpose is the same: by reducing the hydrophilicity of the surface of microspheres, the microspheres can aggregate into large particles in the body, reduce the diffusion of microspheres and the incidence of side effects.

With our excellent business team, we will help customers complete the preparation of microspheres, small batch production, and customization of microspheres. You can trust us enough, we have a professional quality control team. Products are subjected to rigorous testing before leaving the factory, including morphology, performance evaluation, drug release ability, etc. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


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Please note: Our products and services are not intended to be used directly in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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