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Microneedle Performance Testing

Microneedle Performance Testing

Microneedle molding is a key characterization of manufacturing process capability. CD Formulation has various types of performance testing solutions to test product quality and provide customers with quality research total solutions and strategies. CD Formulation can test microneedle strength, puncture performance, drug delivery, and uniformity testing performance. The effectiveness of microneedles in disrupting the skin layer to produce micron-sized channels that direct the drug or active ingredient to the epidermis or upper dermis is evaluated. And based on the test results, the structure design and optimization of microneedles can be carried out to improve the stability of microneedles and promote the batch production of microneedles.

Need for Microneedle Performance Testing

The viscoelasticity of the skin reduces the penetration power of microneedles, which must have sufficient mechanical strength to penetrate the skin. The insertion force required for microneedles to enter the skin barrier is approximately 0.098 N/needle to penetrate the stratum corneum. Therefore, when microneedles are evaluated, the materials and methods used for their preparation, their design and their performance, safety issues, and commercialization issues are developed. Currently, we can characterize microneedles based on their manufacturing procedure, structure, material, general shape and size, tip shape, microneedle array thickness, and application. Among them, microneedle performance testing has a very important impact on the drug delivery effectiveness of microneedles, which needs to be tested and analyzed in terms of strength, penetration ability, etc.

Microneedle Performance Testing Range

Hollow microneedles, solid microneedles, soluble and dissolving microneedles, prismatic silicon microneedles, polymer microneedles, hydrogel microneedles.

How to Test Microneedle Performance

Microneedle sample performance testing is applicable to the performance characterization of microneedle samples prepared by the formulation development department to provide data reference for microneedle formulation prescription development and process development.

Microneedle performance test includes substrate hardness, microneedle viscosity, microneedle strength, microneedle Young's modulus, microneedle bending resistance evaluation, microneedle verticality, microneedle crystallinity, microneedle surface moisture absorption, microneedle substrate hardness, microneedle molding quality and reliability verification, microneedle inter-sheet consistency, microneedle inter-surface -consistency test, etc. We can accurately determine microneedle stress-strain curves to obtain microneedle yield forces; we can perform penetration tests to evaluate microneedle transdermal properties for analysis of microneedle strength. We have professional instruments for high precision material physical quality research, with sensitive response and intelligent adjustment of tracking rate according to sample morphology, for accurate determination of properties of fine samples such as microneedles.

Currently we can provide the following test contents.

We measure the strength of microneedles based on their characteristics and different types, and provide assistance in the design, process and quality control of microneedles. We will cooperate with research institutes and enterprises to set up special laboratories to cooperate, combine with users' needs, continuously improve product technology and product performance, and maintain the stability of the product line and effective expansion and extension.

You can also ask us to customize our product testing services according to the requirements of your own project, and our experts will provide you with a customized solution. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.

Please note: Our products and services are not intended to be used directly in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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