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Embryonic Microspheres Preparation

Embryonic Microspheres Preparation

Microspheres are ideal carriers for slow and controlled release of drugs when the active ingredient is loaded in hollow or porous nanosphere carriers to allow for slow release of the drug in the human body to reduce the toxic side effects and increase the effectiveness of the drug. You can customize your embryonic microspheres with our team and we will provide you with a test report on the physical and pharmacological properties of the microspheres along with the product.

Embryonic Microspheres Preparation Technology

In the embryonic microsphere preparation process, the method of delivering the microsphere generation fluid is changed from the traditional pneumatic push to a liquid delivery member with controlled output flow rate. Unlike the pneumatic push, where the gas pressure is only one of the factors influencing the output rate of microspheres, the liquid delivery device can directly control the amount of microspheres output per unit time, which in turn can better regulate the particle size of the microspheres produced. In addition, the elimination of the air pressure push process also avoids the problem of the surface tension distribution of the embryonic microspheres not being able to form spheres due to the mixing of air bubbles in the microspheres, and improves the product yield of the microspheres.

What are the Advantages of Embryonic Microsphere Preparation Technology

  1. The liquid delivery device can directly control the amount of output microsphere generation liquid per unit time. It greatly optimizes the precise regulation of embryonic microsphere particle size.
  2. With professional product development equipment, the quality of embryonic microspheres is uniform.
  3. The process of embryo microsphere preparation does not introduce too much gas, which improves the product yield of microspheres.

Preparation Process of Delayed Release Microsphere

CD Formulation offers embryonic microsphere preparation services. Our pharmacology experts will customize a specific product to meet your needs. There is strict quality control on the size, shape, uniformity, of the microspheres to ensure that you get a high quality, stable and uniform product.

Preparation of embryonic microspheres

Preparation steps

  1. Forming embryonic microspheres by conveying the microsphere-generating liquid to a porous membrane located in the receiving liquid by means of a liquid delivery member; wherein said liquid delivery member outputs liquid at a controlled flow rate.
  2. The embryonic microspheres dislodged from the porous membrane flow along a channel filled with the receiving liquid, causing the organic solvent in the microsphere forming liquid to be extracted and the embryonic microspheres to harden to form microspheres.

Physical properties testing of embryonic microspheres

The physical properties of microspheres are evaluated including morphology, particle size and distribution, and organic solvent residues.

  • Microsphere morphology and structure, particle size and its distribution have an impact on the encapsulation rate, release behavior pattern and degradation rate of microspheres, so the particle size and distribution is a very important index in quality control.
  • The oil phase (organic solvent) introduced during the preparation process may not be completely removed during the curing process, which not only affects the stability of microsphere storage, but also causes side effects in human body after injection.

Pharmacological evaluation of microspheres

The pharmacological evaluation of microspheres includes drug loading/encapsulation rate, release behavior, material degradation experiments and microbiological examination.

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