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Parathyroid Hormone Sustained Release Microspheres Preparation

Parathyroid Hormone Sustained Release Microspheres Preparation

Based on our professional pharmaceutical experts, CD Formulation can provide you with the preparation and testing of parathyroid hormone extended release microspheres. We have the technology and techniques to manufacture microspheres for your batch production, and we also have a quality control team to ensure the homogeneity and stability of the product you receive.

About Parathyroid Hormone

Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is a biologically active hormone produced by the parathyroid gland and consists of a 115 amino acid peptide that is cleaved twice in succession to a peptide containing 84 amino acids, which is stored in parathyroid cells. The parathyroid hormone secreted by the thyroid gland helps to maintain the proper balance of calcium in the blood and in the tissues that depend on calcium for proper function. This is especially important for neuromuscular function as well as bone health. PTH is secreted into the body's circulation in the presence of hypocalcemia or in the presence of very few other stimuli. The mechanism of action is the interaction of the front 34 amino acids with the type 1 PTH/PTH-related protein (PTHrP) receptor (PTHR1). Parathyroid hormone sustained release microspheres can be prepared by the compound emulsion method, and the obtained microspheres are spherical with a flat surface and homogeneous particles.

Technology Support for Parathyroid Hormone Microspheres

By increasing the viscosity of the internal aqueous phase with polymeric polysaccharides, the release profile can be adjusted and the aggregation of parathyroid hormone molecules and their adsorption on the polymer surface can be reduced.

It can improve the release curve of parathyroid hormone microspheres, improve the stability of parathyroid hormone during preparation, storage and release, and increase the drug loading capacity of microspheres.

Service Details for Parathyroid Hormone Sustained Release Microspheres Preparation

CD Formulation offers parathyroid hormone sustained release microsphere preparation services to provide customized product solutions. We also offer a full range of microsphere based testing services, including morphology testing, particle size testing, and in vitro release testing.

Preparation steps

  • Parathyroid hormone is first dissolved in aqueous polymer polysaccharide solution as the internal aqueous phase.
  • Addition of the internal aqueous phase to dichloromethane of poly(lactic acid hydroxyacetic acid) copolymer to form W/O colostrum.
  • Aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol and sodium chloride as the external aqueous phase, first saturated with dichloromethane to which the colostrum is added, to emulsify the colostrum into W/O/W compound milk.
  • Adding W/O/W compound emulsion to sodium chloride solution and stirring to solidify the microspheres.
  • The cured microspheres were washed with water to remove polyvinyl alcohol and sodium chloride and then dried to obtain the final parathyroid hormone extended release microspheres.

Microsphere morphology observation and particle size measurement

The microspheres were sampled and the morphological structure of the microspheres was observed under scanning electron microscope, and the particle size range of the microspheres was measured using a laser particle size analyzer to calculate the average particle size. Scanning electron microscopy images were analyzed by Image-Pro Plus software.

How to perform in vitro release assay

The working solution was prepared according to the kit and the standard parathyroid hormone solution was taken and diluted with saline as the standard. And then the standard curve is plotted, and the concentration of parathyroid hormone can be calculated by the parathyroid hormone quantification kit assay, and then its release curve can be plotted.

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