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Exenatide Microneedle Patch Preparation

Exenatide Microneedle Patch Preparation

CD Formulation provides a microinjection method for the minimally invasive transdermal administration of exenatide to address the short half-life of exenatide, the defects of establishing tolerance through multiple small injections, and the inconvenience and pain caused to patients by frequent injections.

The Advantages of Exenatide Microneedle Patch Preparation Technology

  • The backing layer is prepared with the same polymer solution as the needle tip, and polyvinyl alcohol is used as the backing film-forming material to support the microneedle fractions, so that the backing layer has a tight bond with the microneedle tip, and the backing film and the needle tip can be consistently detached from the mold when the film is uncovered, without the problem of process interruption of the needle.
  • The selection of hyaluronic acid, which improves the swelling capacity of the prescription and increases the speed of drug release and transdermal absorption efficiency.
  • The use of hydrophobic mold material to prepare microneedles maintains the integrity of the needle shape and the uniformity of drug loading.

How to Prepare and Analyse Exenatide Microneedle Patches

CD Formulation offers preparation, formulation design and analytical testing services for exenatide microneedles, you can find the right procedure for any of your microneedle development steps with us.

Exenatide Microneedle Preparation Steps

 Microneedle preparation process flow chartFig.1 Microneedle preparation process flow chart.

Design of microneedle formulation protocol

Formulation design experiments can help you reduce your workload. Our formulators will efficiently design your formulation, analyze and compare it, and select the most suitable formulations for you.

Analytical Testing Services

CD Formulation can provide you with full analytical testing of microneedles, including morphology testing, swelling analysis, drug release assays, etc.

  • Exenatide microneedle morphology analysis

The prepared microneedles are observed under microscope and photographed, and the surface morphology of the microneedles is observed more clearly by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

  • Microneedle unmolding ease examination

The ease of microneedle unmolding can be observed by adjusting the ratio of polymer and exenatide, and designing different prescription ratios to see whether the prescription is conducive to microneedle forming.

  • Exenatide microneedle patch swelling analysis

The analysis was performed by putting the wrapped microneedle tablets into water and immersing the needle tips into the water to perform the swelling experiment. The microneedle tablets were removed at different times, the water was aspirated from the microneedle tablets, the weight of the microneedle tablets was weighed, and the data was recorded. Graphs were made to examine the degree of swelling and the rate of swelling of the microneedle tablets.

  • In vitro release assay

CD Formulation can perform in vitro release assays for exenatide microneedles by exposing the microneedles to phosphate buffer, constant temperature, and shaker. Samples are taken and assayed using HPLC.

  • Exenatide microneedle loading uniformity assay

In order to verify the uniformity of exenatide dispersion in different parts of the same mold, the drug loading uniformity of microneedles can be examined. The release of exenatide at various time points in different parts of the microneedle tablets of the same mold can be examined, as well as the cumulative release profile, and thus the uniformity of microneedle loading can be assessed.

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