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Analytical Testing Services for Microspheres & Microneedles

Analytical Testing Services

CD Formulation has the technology based on microspheres and microneedles, and can be used for analysis and testing of microspheres and microneedles for our customers. The content of the test includes morphology, mechanical properties, drug loading ability and so on. CD Formulation specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-performance microspheres and microneedle materials, including core microspheres, microneedle materials and related technical solutions for biomedicine and other fields.

Why Microsphere and Microneedle Patches Testing

Microneedles are characterized by painless skin penetration and non-trauma, allowing a needle as thin as a mosquito's beak to penetrate the skin in the case of painless skin penetration, thus effectively delivering drugs. Therefore, it is necessary to test the mechanical properties of microneedles and analyze the strength, puncture performance, drug loading and uniformity of microneedles. Furthermore, the appropriate length to reach the capillaries should be considered to increase the efficiency of drug delivery.

For microsphere materials, the composition, particle size and distribution, structural morphology, pore size and distribution, surface modification and functional groups of microsphere materials need to be accurately regulated in the production process. It is necessary to analyze all kinds of physical and chemical properties of materials to help customers develop products better.

Microspheres & Microneedles Analytical Testing Services

Both microspheres and microneedles are used as carriers for drug delivery, and their shape and size have an impact on drug delivery. CD Formulation can be used for morphological tests of received samples, as well as customized microsphere or microneedle products.

The purpose of swelling test is to test the ability of microneedles and microspheres to absorb or release drugs as substrates in a sustained drug release system. In the process of product development, the swelling rate and swelling degree of microspheres and microneedles should be strictly controlled to achieve effective drug release.

The strength, puncture performance, drug delivery performance and uniformity of microneedles can be tested. According to the test results, the structure of microneedles was designed and optimized to improve the stability of microneedles and promote the mass production of microneedles.

The mechanical properties of microspheres are the key factors affecting their effectiveness, so it is necessary to test the mechanical properties of microspheres.

Zeta potential is an important property of microspheres and is often used to indicate the stability of microsphere preparation.

Your Trusted Partner for Microspheres & Microneedles Testing Services

  • Master microsphere and microneedle scale production technology

The company has rich experience in large-scale production, can scale up the production process from laboratory reaction equipment to small or pilot test equipment. We can train specialized personnel to study the process from laboratory preparation to production scale-up, accumulate rich experience, so that the company can quickly transform the laboratory research results into commercial production.

  • Comprehensive technical service capability

Complete biopharmaceutical laboratory and amplification platform, and has a professional application technical team, can provide customers with product analysis and testing, production process flow and equipment design, production cost assessment, impurity analysis and detection and other personalized services as well as each link of process amplification and overall solution, can provide theoretical and experimental skills training.

  • Timely response speed

Short supply cycle, sales department and technical support department directly connect with customers.

  • Strong ability of continuous innovation

Support high difficulty, long cycle development projects, form respect for innovation, value technology.

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Please note: Our products and services are not intended to be used directly in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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