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CD Formulation's research team consists of pharmaceutical experts, including chemists, biochemists, engineers and highly qualified operators. They not only have expertise in formulation development, but also have deep experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in contract service organizations. They will be at your service throughout the entire process to ensure the most cost-effective and time-saving solutions for our customers.

Microsphere & Microneedle Patch
Preparation Services

We have professional microsphere and microneedle preparation technology, can provide you with specific product customization service.

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Analytical Testing Services

Our microneedles and microspheres analytical testing services include morphology testing, drug delivery performance analysis and other services.

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Formulation Development Services

Formulation development provides you with customized and integrated solutions for your products from the initial conception of the entire product lifecycle.

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Microspheres Mass Production Services

CD Formulation provides microsphere small batch production services, scaling up the gradient from laboratory pilot to small batch production.

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Stability Testing

The stability analysis can be used to better understand the preservation pathway, preservation environment and shelf life of microspheres.

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In Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing

CD Formulation can provide in vitro cytotoxicity testing, and we produce reports that are qualified and regulated by industry expertise.

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In Vitro Drug Release Testing

The in vitro release testing is a key physical parameter for determining product drug quality, monitoring formulation design and batch variance.

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