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Microsphere and Microneedle Patch Preparation Services

Microsphere and Microneedle Patch-Preparation Services

Microspheres are tiny spherical entities formed when a drug is dispersed or adsorbed in a polymer matrix. Microsphere formulations have a long-acting sustained release or targeted effect, which can greatly enhance the convenience and compliance of patients with medication. The microneedle patch is a transdermal delivery system that allows a needle as thin as a mosquito beak to penetrate the skin for effective drug delivery. It is a new concept drug delivery system that eliminates the disadvantages of using syringes in the past, i.e. pain, trauma, infection, fear, rejection, etc. Since this method does not pass through the gastrointestinal tract, it can be administered without the influence of pH, enzymes, food and gastrointestinal motility in the gastrointestinal tract that affect drug absorption, is easy to use, can be administered continuously for long periods of time, and is easy to control blood levels.

Advantages of Microspheres and Microneedles

Why choose drug microspheres?

  • Have targeting properties. Through passive distribution, active targeting binding or magnetic attraction in the body, the drug microspheres release the drug at the desired site in the body and increase the effective concentration of the drug.
  • Microsphere formulations have similar advantages as extended release formulations, such as reducing the number of dosing times, reducing peak and trough fluctuations in blood concentration, etc. Biodegradable microspheres also have long-lasting properties.
  • Masking the bad odor and taste of drugs.
  • Improves drug stability and reduces gastric irritation.

Why choose microneedle patches?

  • Microneedle patches are painless and cause little to no skin damage or bleeding.
  • Microneedle patches can be self-administered.
  • Microneedles are much easier to handle than conventional needles and do not leave hazardous waste.

How to Prepare Microspheres and Microneedles

Preparation of microspheres

There are various Technology for microsphere preparation, including microfluidic, membrane emulsification, emulsion volatilization, phase separation and other Technology. CD Formulation offers the Membrane Emulsification and Sedimentation Microsphere Preparation Technology, which combines the advantages of both membrane emulsification and microfluidization methods, avoiding their respective defects, and at the same time It also realizes the continuous production of microspheres. The membrane emulsification and sedimentation microsphere production process fills this gap in microsphere production technology, and microspheres can be produced from small batch production to medium batch production, with no change in the device and by the extension of production time. Currently we offer microsphere preparation including:

Microneedles Preparation

CD Formulation's research team offers a wide range of microneedle preparations with smooth tip surfaces and clear tip details to provide professional solutions for your drug development.

In addition to the custom microspheres and microneedles mentioned above, we can also provide Nano-vesicles for Encapsulating Protein Drugs preparation.

Quality Evaluation of Microspheres and Microneedles

Morphology Inspection

Microscopic morphology can be observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and atomic mechanics microscopy (AFM).

Determination of in vitro release

The methods of in vitro release include direct release method and flow cell method.

1. Direct release method

Microspheres and microneedle microsphere formulations are placed in a container containing media and kept closed at a constant temperature, and samples are taken at a certain time and replenished with fresh media.

2. Flow cell method

The system consists of a constant flow pump, temperature-controlled flow cell, storage bottle, filtration system, sampling system and sample collection system. This method is widely used in the study of slow release formulations.

Determination of drug loading capacity

The calculation of drug delivery volume is based on the determination of drug content. The content determination methods include: dissolving the drug and microspheres (microneedles) with organic solvents, precipitating other substances than the drug, centrifuging or filtering, and taking the supernatant into the liquid phase to determine the content. And solvent dissolution of drugs and microspheres (microneedles), directly into the sample determination.

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