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Microneedle Strength Testing

Microneedle Strength Testing

Microneedles are arrays containing multiple micro-needles, which are typically tens of microns to a few millimeters in length, and whose tips are tens of microns or less in diameter. Microneedles are a highly effective, safe, and novel transdermal drug delivery technology with advantages that other traditional transdermal drug delivery technologies cannot achieve. Microneedles break the major barrier in transdermal drug delivery - the blockage of drugs by the stratum corneum, which not only makes drug delivery much more efficient, but also makes transdermal delivery of large molecule drugs and hydrophilic drugs possible. Microneedles are not only tiny in size, but also have properties that are unmatched by conventional methods - precise, painless, efficient, and convenient. This has greatly facilitated the development of biomedicine and made the instruments in this field more user-friendly.

Testing Solutions for Microneedle Strength

Microneedle fracture properties, microneedle fracture force determination

The microneedle's tiny size makes it extremely demanding for mechanical measurement equipment as well. The mechanical determination of microneedles requires the instrument to drive the probe with high performance motor to precisely move the displacement and contact with microneedles, and to obtain the fine mechanical changes when microneedles yield through high precision sensors and large acquisition rate. CD Formulation is equipped with a high-performance motor and high-precision force-sensing components. For microneedles, the microneedle strength, microneedle yield properties, microneedle fracture force and other indicators can be accurately measured. These test results provide objective data to support the effectiveness of the microneedle array.

CD Formulation can measure the theoretical fracture force of the microneedle through the force-displacement curve of the strength tester, and compare it with the required skin penetration force to determine whether the microneedle can penetrate the skin. When the fracture force of the microneedle is less than the skin penetration force, the microneedle breaks before it penetrates the skin and is unable to pierce the skin. Therefore, researchers should perform skin puncture force measurements and compare them to the fracture force of the microneedle to predict the puncture effectiveness of the microneedle.

Microneedle compressive deformation performance test

The force-displacement curve of microneedles prepared from ductile materials does not show a sudden drop during the downward pressure of the probe, indicating that the microneedles only undergo deformation without fracture. The strength tester was used to judge the mechanical properties of the microneedles by analyzing the vertical coordinates of the force-displacement curve with the same displacement value set.

Hardness test

An array containing a certain number of microneedles was cut and the hardness of the microneedles was tested separately using a mass spectrometer. The microneedles are fixed to the sample base of the mass spectrometer with double-sided tape, keeping the tip up, and the probe is pressed down towards the microneedles when the trigger force is set to 0.05 N. The force and displacement applied by the instrument are recorded on the computer until the microneedles are destroyed.

CD Formulation provides microneedle strength testing instruments with high frequency signal acquisition capability to accurately acquire data on the hardness, rigidity, and microspheres of microneedle materials, while the instruments come with a library of methods that are constantly updated with built-in application solutions based on standard requirements. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.

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