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MSMN-023 CaCO3 microsphere Inquiry
MSMN-024 Hollow Silica Microspheres 7631-86-9 Inquiry

CD Formulation also offers other types of microspheres to our customers, including CaCO3 microsphere and hollow silica microspheres.

Product Description

  • CaCO3 Microspheres

Porous CaCO3 microspheres are nowadays extensively used as a drug delivery system due to their excellent biocompatibility and degradability. Calcium carbonate ( CaCO3) is one of the major biominerals and is widely found not only in living organisms but also in nature in large quantities. CaCO3 has three crystalline structures: calcite, aragonite and spherulite, with calcite being the most stable at room temperature and pressure and spherulite being less thermodynamically stable.

  • Hollow Silica Microspheres

Silicon dioxide hollow microspheres are the focus of the development of hollow microspheres, its main advantages of silicon dioxide hollow microspheres as a new inorganic materials, its narrow particle size distribution range, good dispersion, good stability, high melting point, large specific surface area and other characteristics have a broader development prospects. Its main functions are: micro memory, such as loading various drugs inside the hollow sphere, as a carrier of drugs, so that the drugs can be fully utilized. Using the template method and in situ hydrolysis method, to be embedded in silica hollow microspheres to make drug carriers. In addition, silica hollow microspheres can also be used as a new ultrasound imaging contrast agent, which has shown great potential in the field of ultrasound imaging due to its unique and stable cavity structure and the ease of modifying functional groups on its surface. In addition, hollow silica microspheres can be loaded with various guest molecules, such as chemotherapy agents; they can also be further combined with fluorescence, magnetic resonance diagnosis, thermal therapy, chemotherapy and imaging-guided high-intensity ultrasound therapy to achieve multi-functionalization.

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