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Blood Glucose Continuous Monitoring Patch Preparation

Blood Glucose Continuous Monitoring Patch Preparation

Blood glucose monitoring can directly understand the actual blood glucose level of the body, which helps to judge the condition and intervene early. However, traditional blood glucose monitoring mostly uses needle prick to collect blood, or micro-tubes inserted in the skin with monitors, which brings some pain and inconvenience to diabetic patients, and is not conducive to early detection of abnormalities in people at risk of diabetes. CD Formulation, based on the expertise of our researchers, can develop and prepare glucose continuous monitoring microneedle patches that can be used in some diabetic patients, among others. This type of glucose continuous monitoring patch is based on a graphene-based device worn on the skin without piercing it. It integrates a series of micro-sensors that use small currents to extract glucose from the interstitial fluid located between cells in the body - each sensor covers a single hair follicle.

Product suitable for the following people

  • Those who have experienced severe hypoglycemia.
  • People who are not consciously hypoglycemic.
  • Nocturnal hypoglycemia.
  • People who need frequent blood glucose monitoring.
  • Blood glucose level fluctuates greatly.
  • Poor blood glucose control with glycated hematocrit above the target range.
  • Glycated hematocrit <7% to maintain blood glucose target while reducing the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • Pregnant diabetics or diabetics who are pregnant.

Blood Glucose Continuous Monitoring Patch Preparation and Optimization Services

How to prepare blood glucose continuous monitoring patch

The microneedle patch is based on microsensor arrays and counter-ionic electro-permeation technology. By using microsensor arrays to enter the hair follicle and extract glucose from the intercellular fluid, glucose is collected into a micro-repository and monitored, and blood glucose levels can be monitored continuously and dynamically over several hours. For the development and preparation of the glucose continuous monitoring microneedle patch, CD Formulation's research team brought together researchers from the disciplines of physics, pharmacology, pharmacology, and chemistry.

An important advantage of the patch is that, due to the special design of the sensor array and repository, each microsensor in the array can operate independently over a small area on a single hair follicle. This largely reduces the influence of individuals with different skin characteristics on glucose extraction and improves the accuracy of measurements, while blood sugar values are not affected by heat, such as strenuous exercise and sweating. Moreover, the continuous glucose monitoring microneedles do not require needling to take blood for analysis and monitoring.

Optimization of microneedle patches

CD Formulation can provide design services to further improve the continuous glucose monitoring microneedle patch by optimizing the number of sensors in the array, demonstrating its use during 24-hour wear, and conducting related clinical trials.

Benefits of Using Blood Glucose Continuous Monitoring Patches

  • The microneedle patch allows for direct sampling of interstitial skin fluid, and studies have shown that biochemical levels measured in this fluid correlate well with levels in the blood.
  • Such patches can obtain accurate blood glucose readings, which can often be performed once every 10-15 minutes or a few hours. Once commercialized, this inexpensive, disposable device can wirelessly transmit these readings to an app on the user's smartphone and send alerts when necessary.

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