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Dissolving Microneedle Technology

Dissolving microneedles are a percutaneous delivery system that can effectively deliver drugs. This is a new concept of the drug delivery system, can eliminate the shortcomings of the past use of syringes namely pain, trauma, infection, fear, rejection, etc. Because the method does not pass through the gastrointestinal tract, it can be administered without being affected by gastrointestinal pH, enzymes, food, and gastrointestinal motility that affect drug absorption. It is easy to use, can be administered continuously for a long time, and blood concentration is easily controlled. CD Formulation provides you with the preparation technology of dissolving microneedles, facilitating your rapid development and preparation of dissolving microneedle products, and providing technical support and product solutions for your projects.

Photographs of dissolving microneedles.Fig. 1 Photographs of dissolving microneedles. (Zhao et al., 2023 )

About Dissolving Microneedle Technology

Dissolving micrhenedle transdermal drug delivery technology is used to make macromolecules of drugs or active ingredients into micron-scale needles, and establish a large number of fine skin transport channels through the process of skin sticking contact, so that drugs can pass through the cuticle barrier, thus realizing the penetration and absorption of drugs by subcutaneous tissue. By means of water dissolution in the skin of the drug needle body, the effect of high efficiency transdermal absorption can be achieved, physically helping the macromolecule drugs or active ingredients to penetrate the skin cuticle barrier. Dissolving microneedles drug delivery eliminates the need to create microchannels for drug delivery and remove the needle body, as with other microneedles, greatly improving patient compliance and reducing the risk of cross-infection by not reusing microneedles.

Dissolving Microneedle Preparation Services

The preparation method of dissolving microneedles includes making a microneedle mold with multiple microporous cavities, and using a high-pressure injection device to spray polymer solution into the microporous cavity, so that the polymer solution is filled in each microporous cavity. After the polymer solution is dried, the solidified microneedle is removed from the microneedle mold.

Advantages of Dissolving Microneedle

The dissolving microneedles can realize efficient drug delivery, and the controlled drug release can be realized by accurately controlling drug loading and microneedle morphology. The production process conditions are mild to ensure the stability of the drug in the production process. The use of biodegradable and biocompatible materials, avoid wound infection, high safety.



Vaccination through microneedle patch can not only eliminate needle phobia and the pain associated with needle piercing into the dermis, but also improve the immunogenicity of the vaccine, which is better than intramuscular injection under the same conditions, so as to achieve painless, convenient and safe vaccination effect.

Treatment of neurological diseases

The sustained-release patch can solve the difficulty of injection and oral administration of drugs in the elderly or patients with mental diseases. The dissolving microneedle patch loaded with drugs can be used for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Local anesthesia

Using microneedle anesthesia patch instead of anesthetic injection needle to achieve rapid local anesthesia in oral cavity and other parts.

Painless transdermal administration

The microneedle patch can be used in combination with existing skin smearing drugs to improve drug absorption efficiency and efficacy.

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  1. Zhao, W., et al., (2023) Dissolving Microneedle Patches-mediated Percutaneous Delivery of Tetramethylpyrazine for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 106409.
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